Airgle ★
Airgle art
Title Airgle the Eagle/griffin hybrid
Age 14
Species Griffin/eagle hybrid
Gender Female
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Appearances None
"Time for the Breeze!"
—Airgle's official catchphrase

Airgle is a eagle\griffin hybrid Skylander by DigiponyTheDigimon on DeviantART. She is of the Air Element.


In the high mountains of Absent Acres an eagle nest had one egg, in the nest, the egg hatched a baby griffin mixed with a eagle. The eagle parents where disappointed that their baby was a flightless eagle-griffin, the parents tried to let the young Airgle fly, but she fell and landed on a bush. The parents were sad thatshe was flightless, but they still liked her. When the young Airgle grew up to be a fascinating eagle\griffin, she was at the forest of Absent Acres where some birds made fun of her, she was mad at them, but then some chompies came to destroy the forest with cyclopses. She ran and tried to escape from them, but she wanted to be brave, so she made a Aurora Spirit Eagle fly with her, and swoop down at the chompies and cyclops. She made a gust to sweep up all of the enemies all at once and made a big Air Wave that was like a big ocean wave. All of the chompies and cyclops where defeated, and all of the birds cheered for her saving the forest. Airgle's Parents were proud of her, and so she become a Skylander.