Airiel is an Air Humanoid Skylander who has the ability to control wind.


When she was just a little girl she always wanted to fly, but her parents told her it's to dangerous, one day when her parents weren't look she jumped but she realised she can't fly, after a few moments she landed on a magical cloud and she figured out she could control wind and create tornados. She could also fly with her hair, when she got home her parents were gone, she figured out Kaos took them. Now her quest is to save her parent from Kaos, she joined the Skylanders, every boy seemed to fall in love with her because of the special perfume she wears.


Starting UpgradesEdit

Name Info Price
Wind Wave Shoot a Wave of wind to slice enemies. None
Cyclone Summon Press 2 to summon a small cyclone that will toss enemies while damaging them. None

Basic UpgradesEdit

Name Info Price
Tornado Trouble Hold 2 to summon a tornado that you can control. 500
Strong Wind Wind Wave does increased damage. 700
Suction Cyclone Cyclone Summon & Tornado Trouble do increased damage. 900
Hair Fly Press 3 to fly with your hair. 1200

"Wind Lancer" PathEdit

Name Info Price
Hurricane Airiel Hold 1 to charge up a blast of wind. 1700
Thunder-Nado Tornados have lightning bolts come out and damage everything. 2200
Wind Rider You can now ride the tornado by sucking yourself up. Press 1 to shoot a blast of wind in all directions. 3000

"Hairnado" PathEdit

Name Info Price
Sonic Hairboom While Flying press 1 to dash with a boom! 1700
Knock the Wind right outta Ya! While Flying press 2 to create a air-splosion! 2200
Super Hair Flying goes faster than ever and all attacks do increased damage. 3000

Soul GemEdit

Name Info Price
Perfume Problem Perfume heals you a bunch of time and sometimes paralyzes enemies. 4000