"Let's Make a Splash!"
—Aquamarine's official catchphrase.

Aquamarine ★
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Species Mermaid
Gender Female
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Appearances Skylanders: Lost Heroes
Aquamarine is a Water element Lost Skylander for AdamGregory03's fan game, Skylanders: Lost Heroes.


Unbeknownst to many, Leviathan Lagoon is actually home to an underwater city known as Octlantis. And the ruler of that city was Aquamarine. Unlike most other princesses or queens in Skylands, Aquamarine craved adventure. She would even get into battles against the native Leviathan. After defeating one, however, she realized she had just saved the life of a kind old sea witch, who gave her magical bracelets that allowed her to venture outside of the sea, She became a member of the Lost Heroes of Skylands, and fought new battles every day.


Battle CriesEdit

  • "Let's Make a Splash!" (official catchphrase)


  • Aquamarine is the only other female Lost Skylander, the other being Volcana.