Artisans map
A map of Artisans, the Artisans Home is Artisans City. (Art belongs to TastesLikeAnya on DeviantART.)
Vital statistics
Type Homeworld
Location Dragon Realms; western Skylands
Inhabitants Dragons
Capital Artisans City

Artisans is a homeworld located in the Dragon Realms. It's capital is Artisans City.

It is home to mainly dragons, but also mabu, in which moved there thousands of years ago when the dragons befriended the mabu. It is also where the Jr. Skylanders Club is located.



Being located in the Dragon Realms, dragons are the main residents in Artisans. The Artisans family of dragons provide the world with artifacts of culture and beauty. They write songs, create sculptures and paintings and are the most gentle of all the dragon families. They are very social beings and enjoy getting together for group singing and art viewings among the lush, rolling hills and green valleys of their home. The leader of the Artisans dragons is Nestor.


Mabu first became residents of Artisans thousands of years into Dragon Realms history, after the mabu had befriended the dragons. The dragons trusted the mabu and since then had let the mabu become residents in the Dragon Realms, including Artisans.


Artisans CityEdit

The homeworld's capital, Artisans City, is a lush garden home to many dragons and sheep. There are many castles.