Batibia is an Undead Skylander who can launch skulls and use a bone club to hit enemies.


Batibia lived in a cave with his kind, his kind never left the cave during day fearing the worst. One day he was dared to go outside during broad daylight, he was scared at first but did it, he was surprised to see everything was better during day time. He went back to tell his friends that it is isn't dangerous at all but better, but no one believed him, he left everyone behind to start a new life. As he left the cave he heard screams to see that they left the cave cause of a huge beast that was actually Crusher finding rocks, he brought Batibia to Eon and made him a skylander.

Starting UpgradesEdit

Name Info Price
Tibia Tackle Whack your enemies with a bone to brake their bones. None
Skull-a-Pult Bring skulls out of the ground to launch at enemies. None

Basic UpgradesEdit

Name Info Price
Night Flight Fly into the night with a set of wings. 500
Fractured Club Tibia Tackle does increased damage. 700
Skull Scare Batibia catapults skulls faster. 900
Night Radar Batibia will earn money when he defeats an enemy. 1200

"Join the Club" PathEdit

Name Info Price
Bone Crackling Combos Press 1,1,2 for "Bonearang" and Press 1,1,3 for "Fibia Uppercut". 1700
Graveyard Zombies Hold the primary button and release for skeleton hands to come and claw your enemies. 2200
I'm Not Big Boned Tibia Tackle does maximum damage. 3000

"Skull Juggler" PathEdit

Name Info Price
Hot off the Grave A deadly fire coats the skull and explodes on impact. 1700
Continuous Catapult Skull-a-Pult shoots skulls twice as fast. 2200
Flying Skull Bomb When flying press 2 to drop an explosive skull. 3000

Soul GemEdit

Name Info Price
Skeleton Armor Batibia gets a set of armor that cuts the damage of the enemies attack by 25%. 4000

Wow Pow PowerEdit

Name Info Price
Skull Dive Bomb When flying press 1 to dive bomb to hit your enemies with your club. 5000