"FIRE!!!" -

Canon Balls official catchphrase.

Canon Ball is a little human Fire core Skylander that sits on a canon and shoots canon balls, fire, and himself as attacks. He can also fight with his match. He is a character in Skylanders: AAA.


A long time ago, Canon Ball a circus artist for the best circus in all of Skylands, Cirkus Abrissimo. He was a human canon ball, no, he wasn't, he was the greatest human canon ball! Loads of people came to the Cirkus Abrissimo just for Canon Ball. He shot himself through the air and did loads of tricks and landed on really small circles. He was amazing!

But one day, came loads of greebles attacked during a show, and said that they have taken over Cirkus Abrissimo. Everyone gave up and ran away, except for Canon Ball. He fought against the greebles with his canon balls, fire, his match and also by shooting himself from his canon! And after a long fight, Canon Ball stood as the winner. He had saved the circus, but he didn't walk back to be an artist, instead became he a Skylander to defeat the evil that nearly destroyed his home.


Starting Powers:Edit

Canon Balls

Press A to shoot large canon balls that deal damage.

Human Canon Ball

Press button 2 to shoot yourself from your canon and then walk around without the canon. Press button 1 to fight with your match.

Basic Upgrades:Edit


You now have a new helmet that deals more damage when you shoot yourself.

Fiery Problems

Press button 3 to shoot fire that stays on the ground for a while and burns enemies.

Really Hot Canon

A new canon will make more damage on everything, and comes also with nice flames.

Flame Thrower

While you walk around without your canon, press button 3 to throw flames with the match.

Canon Guy Path:Edit

Granite Balls

The canon balls are now made of granite, and are harder and tougher than ordinary stone.

OMG! What a Canon

Now you got the best canon in all Skylands, and this time with real flames.


Shoot three balls of fire instead of one.

Walking Alone path:Edit

Stick of Flames

Instead of a match, you now have a torch that will burn better.


Hold button 1 to make an explosion of fire.

Man on Fire

You always burn. Touch enemies and set fire to them.

Soul Gem PowerEdit

Burning Hot Canon Balls

The canon balls are now on fire and deal more damage, and some sunburns.

Needs Soul Gem from Sunny Castle and Fiery Problems-power.

Variants and PacksEdit


  • Nitro Canon Ball


  • Single Pack
  • Triple Pack (Hard Shelled Warnado and Honey King Bumble Blast.)


  • Canon Ball is the second character that rides on something, the first is Fright Rider.