"Wash Off"- Catchphrase

Caturle is a new Core Skylander, she is a cat stuck inside a magical turtle shell.
She speaks with a slight French accent.


Caturle was once a cat named "Caterina" who lived on an island "Felisland"  with her species, until Kaos, who hates cats, took them and put them on a dog island "Canisland" but the way there was dangerous for cats because their was an ocean. So she asked Eon to give her the courage to help her family, but instead Eon gave her an enchanted shell that go to extreme speeds in water, so she managed to get to the island she realised that she can also summon waves of water. After she defeated the dogs and got family off the island she became a Skylander to claw Kaos.


Starting UpgradesEdit

Name Info Price
Wave Summon Summon a wave of water to damage enemies and push them back. None
Shell Tumble Roll inside your shell. None

Basic UpgradesEdit

Name Info Price
Sea Claw Spin rapidly and claw enemies. 500
Shell Spikes Shell Tumble & Sea Claw does extra damage. 700
Surfs Up Wave Summon lasts longer and does additional damage. 900
Water Cyclone When using Sea Claw, Hold 1 to shoot water out of the shell. 1200

"Purrfect Shell" PathEdit

Name Info Price
Sea Shell Roll! Shell Tumble lasts longer. 1700
Underwater Squash When you roll over your enemies they are squashed. 2200
Hydro Hose When using Sea Claw Hold 1 then press 2 to shoot out a stream of water. 3000

"Wonderful Wave" PathEdit

Name Info Price
Turn of the Tide You can control were the wave goes now. 1700
Hop on the Water Wagon When the wave crashes enemies get damaged. 2200
Do the Wave When you use Shell Tumble near the wave you do a flip and splash. 3000

Soul Gem UpgradeEdit

Name Info Price
Airboat Acrobats When swimming hold 1 to go faster and leave a trail of water in the enemies face or press 2 to Corkscrew into enemies. 4000


  • She has a crush on Warnado.
  • After every battle she cleans all the water off her fur.
  • She and Hot Dog have a Rivalry being a Water Cat and a Fire Dog.