Dark Death ★
Title Dark Death
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Species Anti-Skylander
Gender Female
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Appearances Skylanders: Dawn of Darkness
"Our pelts may be different, but we share the same mind. Follow me and we can rule the world!"
—Dark Death

Dark Death is the Anti-Skylander counterpart of White Death. Her attacks are similar but she channels her White Lightning attack through darkness, turning it into Dark Lightning.


Dark Death was created, unlike other Anti's, at a time after White Death's birth. Since White Death was not in the realm of Skylands when she was born, Dark Death wasn't born yet either. When White Death set a paw in Skylands, Dark Death formed from dark matter. She was automatically infused with the urge to kill White Death.


Dark Death has a coal-black pelt and has blazing red eyes. Her necklace is laced with platinum and has a gem shaped in the shape of a skull. The gem is the same as White Death's, except it is gray. Her claws are curved and black and she has a torn ear.


She is very much like White Death in that she can slash with claws and bite with fangs, though all of her attacks are channeled through darkness, making them have the elemental edge of Dark and making them a bit more powerful. Her White Lightning attack is turned to Dark Lightning when it is channeled through darkness. she has also been noted to use bits of fire in her attacks.


  • Dark Death's gem might be a bit gray because it is infused with darkness.
  • Dark Death has never been known to use the Darkness to aid her in battle.
    • This is strange because most Anti-Skylanders use the Darkness.