Dark Midnight
A Dark Starry Night Wallpaper by s3vendays
Vital statistics
Type Forest/Night
Location Skylands
Inhabitants Nocturnal Creatures
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Dark Midnight is a forest in midnight, it is inhabited by nocturnal creatures, along with Cal the Cat.


The people of Dark Midnight were saved by Night Slasher when he defeated the evil owls and the evil Creepy Sonic from Sonic CD. the people crowned him as king but he didn't want to be king. Night Slasher then wanted Cal the Cat to be queen instead of king to Night Slasher, and so she became queen.


The Dark Forest is always a cool place to camp out.

Cal The CatEdit

She become queen of Dark Midnight. She liked Night Slasher who helped her people.


There are many cities of Dark Midnight, there is the Moonlight City and the Darkley Forest.