"It's Diggin Time"- Diamole

Diamole is an Earth Molekin Skylander


Diamole was mining with the other molekin, after a while of mining he found a Crystal as he called "Amepphire", but crystal golems have sensed that someone is stealing the gems of their king and tried to attack Diamole, but he found out that the gems have powers to shoot a mysterious power at enemies. By the time he got out of the cave alive he knew he must use his power for good. So he became a skylander.


Starting UpgradesEdit

Name Info Price
Pickaxe Spin Spin the axe around to damage enemies. None
Gem Shot A power shoots out from tip of the axe. None

Basic UpgradesEdit

Name Info Price
Tunnel Dig Burrow underground and damage enemies with your Pickaxe. 500
Dazzling Diamond Gem Shot does increased damage. 700
Acceptable Axe Pickaxe Spin does increased damage. 900
Super Sapphire Gem Shot does increased damage and the gem changes to Blue. 1200

"Eenie Meenie Miner Mo" PathEdit

Name Info Price
Axe-arang Hold 1 then press 2 to throw your pickaxe. 1700
Pearl Pickaxe Pickaxe Spin and Tunnel Dig does Maximum damage. 2200
Amber Armor Armor made of Amber increases defense by +80. 3000

"Gemstone Collector" PathEdit

Name Info Price
Quartz Shot Gem Shot does increased damage. 1700
Triple Topaz Shot Gem Shot splits into 3 shots. 2200
Emerald Energy Hold 2 and release to shoot a powerful laser. 3000

Soul GemEdit

Name Info Price
Molekin Malachite Diggin While using Tunnel Dig press 2 to create a flash that blinds enemies and damages them. 4000