"Ram it Up" - Offical Catchphrase

Before Dragoat was born his kind lived near the side of a mountain, until one day a massive avalanche cause his egg to roll into a Sheep farm, and then on he grew up with the sheep as their parents. One day Boomer found this flock of sheep and decided to have some fun, but before he could throw his dynamite it was cut in half and he was sent flying. When Eon heard of this half-dragon half-sheep he sought him out and made him a skylander, so Boomer tries to keep his distance.


Stat Percentage (%)
Attack 110%
Defense 60%
Speed 140%
Luck 30%

Upgrades Edit

Starting UpgradesEdit

Name Info Price
Tail Swipe Swipe your enemy with a sharp tail, press 1,1,1 for Tail-nado. None
Goat Ram Ram into enemies with your mighty horns. None

Basic UpgradesEdit

Name Info Price
Sheep Summon Summon 3 Sheep to attack enemies. 500
Sharpius Aegragus Tail Swipe does increased damage. 700
Aerodynamic Horns Goat Ram moves faster and does increased damage. 900
Farmer Armor Armor increases Dragoat's defense by 15. 1200

"Fencing Sheperd" PathEdit

Name Info Price
Tail Breaking Combos Press 1,1,2 for Tail Slam, Press 1,1,3 for Thorn Shot. 1700
Poisonicus Deadlius When an enemy is hit by Tail Swipe the toxic will continuously damage them. 2200
Sharp Sheep Sheep have thorns on their wool and do increased damage. 3000

"Racing Rammer" PathEdit

Name Info Price
Magic Aura While ramming aura will glow around and when you crash the aura blasts enemies. 1700
Rapid Ram Goat Ram moves faster than any other. 2200
Ram-Tastic Moves When ramming press 1 for Ram-Slam to slam into the ground. 3000

Soul GemEdit

Name Info Price
Sheep of a Feather Flock together! You can summon 4 sheep now and when you ram the charge with you. 4000

Wow Pow PowerEdit

Name Info Price
Let there be Flight! You gain wings no to make you a Dragon, Hold 3 to fly. 5000