Elemental Solar System
Vital statistics
Type Solar System
Location Milky Way Galaxy
Inhabitants Many
Capital None

The Elemental Solar System or ESS for short is a large, and inviting solar system located in the Milky Way Galaxy. It's on the opposite side of the galaxy from Earth, but is teeming with life from Earth. The galaxy holds Skylands, the main focal point of the galaxy. Skylands is a tiny planet with massive, floating islands hovering over it. Unlike Earth's solar system, the Element Solar System supports life on multiple planets (where as Earth's only has one planet to.)

History Edit

The Elemental Solar System is as old as the universe. It has a large history, most of it on Skylands. It's been inhabited for a known 11,000 years, just like Skylands.

The first life in the Elemental Solar System were the Arkeyans, a ancient civilization that thrived on Skylands for a single millennium. The Arkeyans were more advanced in technology than any other creature in the solar system, but they were evil. They used their abilities to take over Skylands, and dominate it. They were overthrown, with the help of magicians. The only last Arkeyans are Drill Sergeant, Chop Chop, and the Weapon Master. There is a rumor, however, spreading that Arkeyans' machines are preparing to attack Skylands and conquer.

Antichton is another planet in the solar system that has been inhabited for many centuries. Antichton is where dragons had originated from.

Characteristics Edit

The Elemental Solar System is very warm, and is just right for life. There are some comets that fly by every 56 years, and large meteorites are commonly found in outerspace. Space clouds, and voids are seen a lot too. A infamous void, called The Doom Void, is a dark realm where monsters come from. There are some other voids, but none are as well known as The Doom Void.

Structure Edit

The Elemental Solar System is unlike any other solar system in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Elemental Solar System is actually supported by different Eternal Sources, which are located on Skylands. Without all these sources life could not exist in the galaxy. It is unknown where the Eternal Sources came from, many think they came from Earth when the humans made them. All the sources must stay in the galaxy, or else complete chaos would break out. The most needed Eternal Source of all is the Eternal Magic Source. Magic keeps the solar system spinning, and also keeps the islands in Skylands floating. Without it the solar system would stop spinning, and the islands in Skylands would crash into the ocean below it.

Locations Edit

Planets Edit


Moons Edit

  • Prawn's moon
  • Luna's Moon
  • Moonar (the third moon that only is visible on certain planets.)

Voids Edit

  • The Doom Void
  • Enchanted Realms (located in a void, and not actually a void.)
  • The Universal Gates (also located in a void, and not actually a void.)

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