All you need to know about Skylanders Celebrations!

1 - Most of the Life Skylanders in the game are made in Canada

2 - Crash's first name was Scrats, but then a Air Skylander Named Scrats came in so we did Sxarts, but that name was awful so it became Crash.

3 - I thought of Spike Henche when we where looking at Flashwing shooting crystals from her wings.

THE ADVENTURE PACKS: Jadetown: Foo Quake, the Jade hat and the Koi fish.

Outher Space: Zodiak, Moonstones, and Saturn potion.

ANCIENT PACKS: Play levels from older games with new Skylanders.

  • Steamer and Junkjard Isles
  • Wind Up and Wilikintown
  • Shroomboom and Falling Forest
  • Flox and Mount Frostfest
  • Corn Gun and Iron Jaw Glunch


When Spyro was kidnapped, and his party guests saved him, Eon made them Skylanders. Kaos had a new plan, stealing the Element amulets! And melting them in Mount Cloudbreak to make a evil amulet! When the Skylanders find that out, they used their new powers to stop Kaos!

Lightcore SkylandersEdit

  • Lightcore Flox
  • Lightcore Hipnohit
  • Lightcore Shiney
  • Lightcore Paradox
  • Lightcore Fudge
  • Lightcore Terrateddy
  • Lightcore Featherweight
  • Lightcore Urchiner
  • Lightcore Dandriff
  • Lightcore Steamer
  • Lightcore Bats

Alter EgosEdit

  • Legendary Paradox
  • Legendary Fudge
  • Abominabel Zoo Lou
  • Dark Boiler
  • Dark Honey Pod
  • Lucky Horseshoe Trap
  • Red Fox Flox

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