Tree Rex

Tree Rex exploring a village in Skylands.

Giants are mysterious creatures in Skylands. They were myths until 2012, when a giant was spotted in a village. This giant was just walking around, and being friendly. But the Mabu Defense Force had no choice, and took down the beast. Quickly the Skylanders came to investigate the giant, and ask him questions. The giant said his name was Tree Rex, and all he wanted to do was see the villages up close. Tree Rex was let loose, and the MDF apologized for the misunderstanding.

There are 3 unknown Giants set to appear in Skylanders: The Next Generation.

History Edit

The giants date all the way back to the Arkeyan. There were abnormally big creatures that roamed Skylands. and because they were so big, they had incredible strength, such as lifting boulders, knocking down giant walls and pulling islands closers with chains. These creatures were then named the Giants because of their big size. The Giants were the original Skylanders, and they were the ones that defeated the Arkeyans along with the Arkeyan King, however, after they defeated them, they were sent to Earth by a giant explosion, where they turned into stone, and stayed their for thousands of years. There were many rumors that the Giants would return one day, though many didn't believe the rumors, until in 2012, when the new Portal Master who had saved Skylands before found them, and helped them get back to Skylands.

Diet Edit

Giants have stomachs that are 3 square feet, making their appetite very large. They eat 5x more than the average creature. They have a love for cooked turkies, and Drow. They sometimes kill, and put Drow in a soup. Some Mabu and Skylanders are afraid that giants will eat them, but the giants have sworn not to eat innocent people. Giants also like heavy loads of spices in their diet, like salt and pepper. Flavoring is everything to giants, and their foods tend to be very delicious. They make good cooks and hunters.

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