Grifflin ★
Grifflin looking over the horizon
Title Griff
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Species Griffin
Gender Male
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Appearances The Legend of Vecoline
"Nippin' of the Griffin!"
—Grifflin's official catchphrase

Grifflin (AKA Griff) is a griffin Skylander of the Air Element. He was born with only eagle legs, no lion legs. He is brown with white marks, blue eyes, and yellow beak. He is best friends with Sonic Boom, and doesn't seem to have any enemies, but is shown to dislike Sobek.


One day an egg hatched on the Griffin Island, one of the most least populated islands in Skylands. Most think the reason is because of the dangerous griffins who live there, or just because it's small. Griff was born with all four legs eagle legs, with hardly any lion characteristics but his tail. His parents made him go to a school infested with roaches and griffins that loved to make fun of Grifflin for his lack of lion features. He stayed there for 3 years until his parents finally realized his pain at a school play and moved to the other side of Griffin Island, where he met Sonic Boom. Sonic Boom encouraged him to become an Air Skylander because of his flight abilities, but he didn't do that until the following year. Sonic Boom had just gotten her Skylander Degree (meaning she passed the Jr. Skylanders Club). Since she was the only nice person Grifflin met, he got his degree in Skylanders too. 


Basic AbilitiesEdit

  • Griffin Heart: Fly up in the air, fly down very fast on the enemy, and bite it.
  • Sky Dash: Speed up and ram into enemies in midair.
  • Flight: Grifflin can fly


  • Griffin's Gold: Griffin Heart does more damage
  • Pulse Dash: Fire goes around you when you Sky Dash
  • Griffin Claw: Scratch your enemies
  • Bite: Bite your enemies

Heart of the Griffin Upgrade PathEdit

  • Claw Swipe Heart: End your Griffin Heart with a Griffin Claw
  • Bite's Bait: Your beak is sharper, doing more biting damage
  • Scream's Dream: Griffin Heart does more damage then ever before!
  • Danger Motion: An array of wind blows enemies away when you use Griffin Heart

Sky Bash Upgrade PathEdit

  • Sky Bash: End Sky Bash with a spin
  • Clawstrike: Scratching does more damage
  • Dasher: You can Sky Dash faster
  • Griffin of the Century: Breath a powerful air beam from your mouth

Skylanders FoughtEdit

  • Tails (1st time lost, 2nd time won)