Liztech ★
Liztech by digiponythedigimon-d65w1x3
Liztech with his gun.
Title Liztech the Dragon
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Species Dragon
Gender Male
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Appearances Skylanders OCs
"My Gun is my Trophy!"
—Liztech's official catchphrase

Liztech is a anthro dragon created by DigiPonyRheDigimon on DeviantART. He is a Swap Force Skylander of the Tech Element.


Liztech worked for the Arkeyans, but he quit working for them. He lived in a cave for a very long time, until he saw the beautiful world outside, he then went out of the cave, but there was trouble, so he got his gun and went for fighting enemies, he then joined up with Night Slasher the Undead dragon to become dragon Swap brothers for good.


  • He has a gun like Trigger Happy.
  • He's a anthro dragon like Night Slasher.