Mechno is Tech Skylander that is the same species as Chill.


When Mechno was out relaxing in the fields cyclops were running around doing bad deeds including setting fire to a town, luckily everyone was not harmed. But the fire spread to the same fields, Mechno was severally burned. Luckily Sprocket was there to help, she made him robotic armor, a saber to protect himself and a new arm, she brought him to Eon and made him a skylander. Mechno has been the most resourceful out of all of the skylanders, Spearclops happens to be his best friend, ironically.


Starting UpgradesEdit

Name Info Price
Saber Swipe Slash your enemies with a saber made of light. None
Disk Danger Shoot sharp disks from your gauntlet. None

Basic UpgradesEdit

Name Info Price
Glaive Gauntlet Disks become more sharper and do increased damage. 500
Super Saber Saber Swipe does increased damage. 700
Laser Drone Press 3 to summon your Drone that shoots lasers at enemies. 900
You'll Shoot their eyes out! You can summon 3 Drones Now. 1200

"Saber Samurai" PathEdit

Name Info Price
Light Saber Combos Press 1,1,2 for "Saber Slam", and Press 1,1,3 for "Force Wave". 1700
Flying Sparks When your saber hits an enemy, sparks fly off. 2200
May the Force be with them! Hold the primary button to shoot pulses of some force. 3000

"Techno Terror" PathEdit

Name Info Price
Dartling Discs Hold 2 to shoot out discs constantly. 1700
Light Lazer Drones Laser Drones shoot a continous laser to damage enemies. 2200
Great Gauntlet You can shoot Discs much faster now. 3000

Soul GemEdit

Name Info Price
Double Danger Your saber has 2 ends to double the damage. 4000

Wow Pow PowerEdit

Name Info Price
Drone Clone Hold 3 to create a 2nd you that copies you, but lasts 20 seconds. 5000