"Mix and Morph!"
—Morph's official catchphrase.
A rough sketch of Morph.






(Referred to as male)




Skylanders: Creatures

English Voice Actor:

Dee Bradley Baker

Morph is a Magic-element core Skylander. He is released alongside Skylanders: Creatures.

There is also a LightCore version of him.



Morph was created in Kaos' laboratories with the intention of making a creature that could adapt to any opponent. The villainous Portal Master told Morph that the Skylanders were evil, and he was created for the sole purpouse of defeating them. When the day finally came to fulfill his so-called destiny, Morph witnessed the Skylanders saving a village of Mabu from invading Trolls, and realized that Kaos lied to him. Morph rose against his former master and easily defeated him, not even noticing the Skylanders watching the battle, ready to recruit him.



  • Power: 26
  • Defense: 50
  • Speed: 35
  • Luck: 120


Basic Abilities
These abilities are available from the start of the game.
Soul Gem Ability
Requires Soul Gem from:
Festival of Frights

Stretch Punch Bouncing Ball Bouncing Bash

Primary Ability
Press (Attack 1) to stretch out your limbs and hit enemies from a distance.

Secondary Ability
Press (Attack 2) to form into a ball and bounce three times, damaging enemies you happen to land on at the time.

Price: 4000
While bouncing, press (Attack 1) to slam into the ground and deal even more damage. Bouncing also lasts as long as (Attack 2) is held.

Basic Upgrades
Skylanders can buy new abilities from Persephone/Power Pods.

Ooze Form Ballistic Bouncing Stretchier Punch Boingy Boingy!

Price: 500
Press (Attack 3) to temporarily become a puddle of ooze and regain health over time.

Price: 700
Enemies crushed from the bouncing attack are dealt increased damage. Look out below!

Price: 900
Stretch Punch reaches further and deals increased damage.

Price: 1200
Can now bounce up to five times after pressing (Attack 2).

Time for Slime!
Further develop the Ooze Form to make it more suitable for combat.

Speedy Slime Ooze Uppercut Regenerator

Price: 1700
Speed is increased while in Ooze Form. On top of that, Ooze Form will last longer.

Price: 2200
While in Ooze Form, press (Attack 1) to strike enemies above you with a slimy uppercut attack.

Price: 3000
Recover more health overtime while in Ooze Form, almost like you never took damage!

To the Face!
Keep yourself able to punch from a safe distance by improving the Stretch Punch!

Fists of Fury Sticky Stretch Super Stretchy Punch

Price: 1700
Hold (Attack 1) and release to strike at enemies with a flurry of punches, just like in those Kung Fu movies!

Price: 2200
You can now pick up food and gold with your Stretch Punch.

Price: 3000
Stretch Punch is further increased in damage and range.


  • "Mix and Morph!" (catchphrase)
  • "Reaching out!" (opening elemental gate)
  • "Feels comfortable in here." (opening elemental gate)
  • "Feels like I'm changing..." (leveling up)
  • "Mixing it up!" (leveling up)
  • "I adapted to you in a second!" (defeated enemy wave/victory in battle mode)
  • "I've changed your lives!" (defeated enemy wave/victory in battle mode)
  • "Numbers are subject to change." (opening status screen)
  • "So what do you think?" (opening status screen)
  • "I can wrap my head around that." (wearing hat)
  • "That's a better look for me." (wearing hat)
  • "I like that name." (given nickname)
  • "Hey, if I can change, so can my name!" (given nickname).


  • Crook Crusher: Defeat 1000 enemies.
  • Eat Your Vegetables: Eat 50 vegetables in story levels or arenas.
  • Near Flawless: Complete a non-story level with full health.
  • Battle Champ: Win 10 PvP battles.
  • All the Way: Reach level 25 and purchase all upgrades.
  • Elementalist: Deal 7500 points of elemental bonus damage.
  • Wizard Whomper: Defeat 25 Magic Spell Punks.
  • Puzzle Pro: Unlock 5 light beam puzzles.
  • Ultimate Bouncer: Defeat 10 enemies in the course of one Bouncing Ball attack.


  • As a LightCore figure, his eyes and fingertips light up.