Night Slasher ★
Night slasher by digiponythedigimon-d65axs3 (1)
Night Slasher and his dragon bat friend.
Title Night Slasher The Dark Teenage Dragon
Age 16
Species Undead Dragon
Gender Male
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Appearances Skylanders OCS Adventure
"Slash With The Clash!"
—Night Slasher's official catchphrase

Night Slasher is an anthro Undead dragon created by DigiponyTheDigimon on Deviantart. He is a Swap Force Skylander of the Undead Element.


Night Slasher was a young dragon living in peace, until Malefor, the Dark Master, told him to join his evil ways, but the young Night Slasher said no, so Malefor became mad, and he banished Night Slasher to the Dark Puddle until he became a teenage dragon. When Night Slasher tried to escape, Malefor attacked him. Night Slasher tried to defeat him but someone saved him, but Night Slasher escaped from him. He now serves Portal Master Digipony in Skylands.

Attacks and UpgradesEdit

Starting Powers

  • Dark Orb: Sends out a dark ball to hit enemies with such powerful force.
  • Moon Axe: Slashes with a powerful axe with the power of moonlight.
  • Batty Friend: Sends out a bat-like dragon to fly over enemies and dive into them.

Basic Upgrades

  • Dark Flame: Breathes out a dark flame of darkness.

Howling Growl - This path allows Night Slasher to upgrade his howling attacks.

  • Howling Forces: Calls upon Undead dragon clones.

Dark Powers - This path allows Night Slasher to upgrade his dark powers.

  • Shadow Punch: Makes his punch be fused with dark power.
  • Shadow Strike!: Summon shadow lighting over all enemies.

Soul Gem Upgrade

  • Love Of The Moon: Gains energy from moonlight -Requires Soul Gem from the Dark Midnight. (5000 Gems)


  • His Bat Dragon friend always follows him just like Sparx the Dragonfly with Spyro.
  • Night Slasher never did bad stuff when Malefor tried to make him evil.
  • Night Slasher is the first anthropomorphic dragon Skylander, with the second being Liztech.
  • Night Slasher is the second Skylander to have a battle axe as a weapon, with the first being Smile Dog.
    • Coincidentally, they are also both of the Undead Element.
  • Night Slasher is one of the few winged Skylanders who doesn't have a flight upgrade, with the other four being the Ultimate Chimera, Sunburn, Flashwing and Scratch.
  • He is the only other Skylander besides Thundion to have three starter abilities instead of two.