"Don't laugh at the Staff" - Pharoabis

He is a Royal Earth Giant, he uses his staff and magical sand powers to defeat aliens that destroyed his town.


Pharoabis was once a royal son in the desert part of skylands, he soon became the king of his town, until aliens starting mummifying everyone except him, he soon found the ship that mummified everyone snuck on it and found the gem that powered the ship and forged a Staff and armor and added a piece of the gem to his armor and staff. He now joins the skylanders, he still looks into the sky to see if the ship is still on skylands.


Pharoabis can only get his attacks upgraded by talking to Persephone.

Starting UpgradesEdit


Price Description
Staff Magic 0 Pharoabis uses the Staff's Magic to zap enemies with Electricty.
Sand Storm 0 Pharoabis spins around creating a sand storm.

Basic UpgradesEdit

Attack Price Description
Electrifying Staff 500 Staff Magic does increased Damage.
Pyramid Creation 700 When you press the primary button while spinning a pyramid pops out of the ground and damages enemies.
Mummy Grab 1000 Summon mummy hands to pop out of the ground and punch enemies.
Lightning Mummy Hands 1100 Shoot the Staff magic at the mummy hands to create an electrical ring.

Electrifying Staff UpgradesEdit

Attacks Price Description
Zap Staff 1900 Staff Magic does increased damage and can shoot faster.
Egyptian Combos 2100

Can do combos now: (Wii) A,A,A- Electrifying Stab

A,A,B- Sand Geyser

A,A,Z- Mummy Wrapping

Ancient Beam 2400 Hold the primary button and release to shoot a beam of lightning.

Egyptian Desert UpgradesEdit

Attacks Price Description
Reckless Stop 1900 After spinning Pharoabis will stumble around and damage enemies.
Egyptian Armor 2100 Pharoabis's defnse goes up 50+ and gains extra speed.
Mummy Death Trap 2400 Instead of mummys punching enemies they grab enemies and drag them down to their doom.

Soul Gem UpgradeEdit

Attack Price Description
Pyramid Light Show 4000 When pyramids pop out thunderbolts strike down and damage enemies. Requires Soul Gem from Sandy Desert.