"Braaaiiinnss! Ha, just kidding"

- Shoeless' official catchfrase.

Shoeless is a zombie that only has an overbody and is a core Undead element skylander. He attacks enemies by smash them with his big hands, throw away your head as a bowling ball and also by calling his zombie friends. His first apperence was in Skylanders: AAA.


Shoeless has always been a really big mystery. No one knows how he was born, how he came to Skylands and specially how he lost his legs, and that is why he got his name Shoeless. And of course Shoeless want to know these questions, but mostly he don't care. He likes his life and don't dryer. 

He lived in the underground with the rest of the zombies and worked as a techer in the zombie school for zombies without legs. But one day came Kaos and wanted warriors. They took out them who was good fighters, and also bad, to defeat the skylanders. One of them who they picked was Shoeless and he agreed. But after only a feve minutes someone telled who the skylanders really was, so he escaped to then help the skylanders. And so he did, when the skylanders came fought Shoeless with them, but he didn't burn any zombie and also telled the skylanders to do the same thing. So together did they defeat kaos army. After that asked Eon if Shoeless wanted to be a skylander, and guess what he said!


Starting powers:Edit

Smash (h)it!

Smash your enemies with your weird big hands.

Bowling Head

Throw away your head as a bowling ball.

Basic uppgrades:Edit

Really weird Hands

Bigger hands, bigger problems.

Call the Buddies

Call on three zombie hands that attacks enemies from the ground.

Fast Hands

Smash enemies much faster, nearly like you would run.

Hold for the brains

Hold the bowling head to make the head bigger so it makes more damege.

Parts of a zombie-path:Edit

Head on the Hand

When you will throw your head will you also throw one of your hands that will smash enemies that will be in the heads way.


Hold your handsmash to make an explosion that will throw away all the parts of the (half) body.

The weirdest Hands EVER!

Really! Bigger hands?

Zombie Freinds-path:Edit

More Mates!

You will now call on five zombiehands, SCARY!

Cut your Nails

The zombiehands have now charp nails that make more damege.

God Bye little Enemies

The hands will now grab enemies and then drag them down to the underworld

Soulgem power:Edit

There you Are!

Your legs has come to help you in the fights. Your legs will kick and stomp on your enemies.

Needs soulgem from Closed Down Town.

Variants and PacksEdit


  • Crystal Clear Shoeless
  • Granite Shoeless


  • 3DS and 2DS Starter pack


  • You remember the zombie enemies in Spyro`s Adventure, Shoeless looks like them. But not so dumb and mindless of course .