Welcome to the Rules page for the Skylanders Fanon Wiki. Please take the time to review all the rules, as it is your responsibility as an editor to know and follow them. It is not the admins' job to remind you of the rules. Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.



Vandalizing the site is not allowed. NOTE: If you don't like something that is on a page, that doesn't give you the right to remove the edits even if you think its "dumb" or "stupid". And yes, i'm am talking to you Feey1, I don't like some of the things on his pages and I don't remove them. This is another form of vandalism, doing so will cause a warning, if done again, a block. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS. NO APPEALS. IGNORANCE OF THE RULES IS NO EXCUSE.

Unless you're doing anything related to shipping.

Go right ahead.

Admins & Users

Admins and regular users are different because admins can edit locked pages, protect pages, ban users, and other things too. The admins are RayClaus and Master Masked Man.

go ahead

try to take this wiki seriously

i dare you


The wiki is solely an inside joke wiki. RayClaus and Master Masked Man will ban anyone they find irritating. No, it's not as stupid as it sounds.

Mary Sue

Mary Sue is a reference to characters that are perfect in all ways. For example a Skylander that has all possible powers, is loved by everyone, and has no enemies is Mary Sue. To avoid creating a Mary Sue article add some flaws to the Skylander. Like slowness, dumbness, or something else. Mary Sue articles will be criticized with by an admin, and, or, any other editing users. An example of an Mary Sue would be Vecoline.

For more info on mary sues, go here.


A recolor is a fan character that is a complete copy of an original character from the series you are making a fan character of, except the only difference being the colors or something else. They are most common in the Sonic fanbase, but they can exist in other fandoms too, this includes Skylanders. Please don't create recolors as this is a fanon wiki for 100% ORIGINAL fan characters. 

Crossover Characters Making characters from other series into Skylanders is fine, however, you must make the character somehow different from the original, and not just a copy from the original character. Examples of good crossover characters are Ridley, Tails, Smile Dog, and Portal Master Claus. A Skylander version of a crossover character without any changes shows unoriginality and laziness.