Sky Sprint is a SWAP Skylander and one of the Sacred Elementals, alongside his brothers, Mantis Slicer, Nuke Sion and Duo Desian. He is one of the Air element.

"Smash from above!"

Sky Sprints official catchphrase


Sky Sprint was born when a old wizard accidently used a powerful air spell on a pile of scrap metal, thus giving birth to Sky Sprint. The old wizard let Sky Sprint stay at his house, and over the years, they formed a close bond. One stormy night, a group of evil wizards wanted to steal the old wizards potions and use them for new and evil concoctions. However, Sky Sprint leap into action. He fought the evil wizards and won, but suffered heavy damage. Later, Master Djinn saw his sheer power and dignity and had Free Ranger recriut him as a Skylander.