These are the Wow Pow upgrades for the Series 2, 3 and 4 characters in Skylanders: AAA.

Steelwinged SpyroEdit

Wings of Steel

Cost: 5000

When you are flying, press buttom 3 twice fast to make a sprint with wings of steel.

Fether Demon Double TroubleEdit



While holding attack 1 press attack 2 to shoot out spiky feathers that seek out bad guys.

Beast Knight Pop FizzEdit

Beast Knight

Cost: 5000

You will know have a knightsuit when you are in the beast-mode that gives you rasistance and if you hold bottom one will you make a big slash with a sword (it will be a suit on the not-beast-mode too but there it has no effect except for resistance).

Arkeyan Suit Drill SergantEdit

High-Tech Suit

Cost: 5000

Press button 1 when you hold button 2 to transform to a gigantic Arkeyan robot. Press button 1 to fight and button 2 to shoot. Button 3 to change back.

Kaboom BoomerEdit

Tick Tock CountdownEdit

Born to Freeze Slam BamEdit

Big Spikes Wham-ShellEdit

Spiky Ring

Cost : 5000

When you does the posedion attack, it will be a ring of ten big spikes around you. Also gives the five bigger spikes on the mase.

Saw Fish Rip TideEdit

The Saw Fish

Cost: 5000

When you throw away the hammerhead will you get a new fish, a sawfish! 

Sun-Hot EruptorEdit

Blue like the Sun

Cost: 5000

You are now so hot that you actually are blue and you give damage enemies only during touch them.

Magma Breath SunburnEdit


Cost: 5000

When you have finished the firebreath, it will be an magma puddle who hurts enemies.

Dash Smash FrynoEdit

Wall Wrecker BashEdit

Super Gun Dino-RangEdit

Super Boomerang gun

Cost: 5000

Press buttom 1 when you hold buttom 2 to get a gun that shoots boomerangs much faster than before.

Ultimate Tail Slobber ToothEdit

Cloud Light Lightning RodEdit

Hard Shelled WarnadoEdit

Drill Needle Pop ThornEdit

Troll Hater Stump SmashEdit

Troll Hater

Cost : 5000

A troll is always walking with you, and when you hit him, all the enemies that are close by will be hurt.

Airforce Shroom BoomEdit

Air Mushroom 

Cost: 5000

Press buttom 3 when your holding buttom 1 to make a self-slingshot upwards to the sky and then fall down with a massive groundpunch that hurts enemies.

Needs Super Shrooms-power.

Honey King Bumble BlastEdit

Feared Tail Ghost RoasterEdit

Shadow Tail


Every second time you attacks with your tail it will be a shadowtail that hits the enemie.

Devolped Bone Fright RiderEdit

Devolped Fright

Cost: 5000

When Fright is is under ground, press buttom 2 to devolpe him so he got arms and looks little more than an ordinary dinosaur. And you will now throw away Rider and only play as Fright. Press buttom 1 to bite and buttom 2 to make a stompsprint. 3 to change back.

Spirit Exacuter Grim CreeperEdit