Skylanders Battle Bots is a Skylanders game. It will have 32 Battle Bot Skylanders, 32 newcomers, and 32 reposed Skylanders, making this the largest collection for one game. It will need a new portal.

Battle BotsEdit

New SkylandersEdit

Feel free to add new Skylanders!

  • Water: Sirena, Cool Pool, Fin Yang, Bubbeel
  • Magic: PK, Angler Wish, Teleportal, Orboar
  • Tech: Electro, Blender, Virality, Cell Bone
  • Air: Helios, Wing Sting, Thunder Horse, Gale Force
  • Life: Kitsuna, Cocoonicorn, Squasher, Boom Berry
  • Undead: Shadow, Whirlwolf, Leviaphantom, Grave Digger
  • Earth: Mount Drill, Rollder, T-Rocks, Rattle-Quake
  • Fire: Light Heater, Candlelight, Golbat Warming, Fatal Fire

Reposed SkylandersEdit


  • LightCore Bass Drop
  • LightCore PK
  • LightCore Wind-Up
  • LightCore Scratch
  • LightCore Eagle Eye
  • LightCore Ghost Roaster
  • LightCore Mount Drill
  • LightCore Fryno

Starter PackEdit

Consoles (except Wii)

  • Bass Drop
  • Mountain Maker
  • Bronze PK (Variant)
  • S5 Zoo Lou


  • X-Terminate
  • Like a Boss
  • Silver PK (Variant)
  • S5 Wind-Up


  • Root Shooter
  • Fly-Tech
  • Gold PK (Variant)
  • S5 Hex


  • Although they are robots, Mechanic is the only Battle Bot to have a robotic voice, like Drill Sergeant.
  • PK has a very large role like Spyro in Spyro' s Adventure.