• Crook Crusher: Defeat 1000 enemies.
  • Eat Your Vegetables: Eat 50 vegetables in story levels and arenas.
  • Flawless Victor: Complete a non-story level with full health.
  • Battle Champ: Win 10 PvP battles.
  • Elementalist: Deal 7500 points of elemental bonus damage.

Magic Element SkylandersEdit

  • Wizard Whomper: Defeat 25 Magic Spell Punks.
  • Puzzle Pro: Unlock 5 light beam puzzles.

Tech Element SkylandersEdit

  • Safecracker: Unlock 25 puzzle locks.
  • Robo Wrecker: Defeat the giant Geargolum in Mechanized Mayhem without switching Skylanders.

Life Element SkylandersEdit

  • Fully Stocked: Defeat 250 enemies while at full health.
  • Hero of the Forest: Save the Growing Forest without switching Skylanders.

Water Element SkylandersEdit

  • Olympic Swimmer: Swim a total of 300 miles.
  • Extinguisher: Defeat the Flame Rider in Fiery Showdown without switching Skylanders.

Fire Element SkylandersEdit

  • Bombardier: Defeat 30 enemies using bombs.
  • Melter: Melt 15 ice blocks without using light beams.

Earth Element SkylandersEdit

  • Stonesmith: Defeat 5 enemies using pushblocks.
  • Miner: Use the pick to break apart 100 cracked rocks.

Air Element SkylandersEdit

  • Skylooter: Collect a total of 5000 gold while flying.
  • Reach for the Sky: Use bounce pads 10 times.

Undead Element SkylandersEdit

  • Witherer: Defeat 25 Life Spell Punks.
  • Back From the Grave: Defeat a boss while at critically low health.


New CoreEdit

  • Morph-Ultimate Bouncer: Defeat 10 enemies in the course of one Bouncing Ball attack.
  • Sweet Tooth-Sugar Rush: Eat 35 candy food items.
  • Blastonaut-Invasion!: Use the Mothership to defeat 100 enemies.
  • Data Base-Info Achiever: Scan a total of 1000 enemies.
  • Flowetta-Currently unknown
  • Wild Cat-Crouching Tiger: Defeat 50 enemies with your pounce attacks.
  • Kelp Top-Currently unknown
  • Wave Rider-Wipe Out!: Defeat 50 enemies using your Ride the Wave ability.
  • Chef Ember-Iron Chef: Cook up 150 Chompies.
  • Fryvern-Currently unknown
  • Dactyl-Currently unknown
  • Gemstone-Boulder Bowler: Defeat a total of 250 enemies using your bowling boulder attack.
  • Storm Patroller-Currently unknown
  • Tempest-Currently unknown
  • Cowbones-Currently unknown
  • Snake Locks-Currently unknown


  • Spyro-Full Charge: Collect 3 gold, eat 1 food item, and defeat 2 enemies in one sprint charge.
  • Star Strike-Deflection Master: Deflect the returning star 20 times in a row.
  • Trigger Happy-Holding Gold: Save up 50000 gold.
  • Boomer-On a Troll: Defeat 100 enemies with kicked troll bombs.
  • Stealth Elf-Stealth Health: Gain 1000 HP while stealthed.
  • Stump Smash-Bark Bites Back: Deal 1000 damage with Thornbark.
  • Gill Grunt-Anchors Away!: Defeat 10 enemies with one anchor attack.
  • Rip Tide-Whale of a Time: Defeat 8 enemies at once with your Whale on 'Em ability.
  • Eruptor-Pizza Burp: Eat 10 pizzas.
  • Ignitor-Tinder Trekker: Travel 50000 feet in Flame Form.
  • Bash-On a Roll: Defeat 10 enemies with one roll.
  • Scorp-Ticking Slime Bomb: Defeat 50 enemies from the poison explosion of your main attack.
  • Lightning Rod-Current Event: Defeat 50 golems.
  • Scratch-Purrfect Pounce: Defeat 50 enemies by pouncing on them.
  • Cynder-On the Haunt: Defeat 50 enemies with your Ghostly Allies.
  • Roller Brawl-Sharp Jammer: Use your clothesline ability to take out 10 enemies at once.

Backwards CompatibleEdit


Swap ForceEdit