Blazing SpyroEdit

  • Title: Fiery Flight
  • Description: While flying, hold (Attack 3) to ignite your wings on fire and perform a powerful dash attack.
  • Price: 5000

Dimensional Star StrikeEdit

  • Title: Black Hole!
  • Description: Reflect the star projectile thirty times in a row to create a rift that sucks in nearby enemies.
  • Price: 5000

Goldslinging Trigger HappyEdit

  • Title: The Golden Bomb
  • Description: Hold (Attack 2) to charge up a golden bomb that explodes on contact, dealing massive damage.
  • Price: 5000

Demoman BoomerEdit

  • Title: Red Carpet Dynamite
  • Description: Hold (Attack 1) and release to pull out a larger stick of dynamite that rolls over enemies.
  • Price: 5000

Vanishing Stealth ElfEdit

  • Title: Smoke Bomb
  • Description: While invisible, press (Attack 2) to stun nearby enemies with a smoke bomb.
  • Price: 5000

Jungle Stump SmashEdit

  • Title: Nut Explosion
  • Description: Hit a Meganut with an acorn to make it explode, covering nearby enemies in sticky sap.
  • Price: 5000

General Gill GruntEdit

  • Title: The Anchor Master
  • Description: While shooting water, press (Attack 1) for a quicker way to launch anchors.
  • Price: 5000

Sea Champ Rip TideEdit

  • Title: Whale Toss
  • Description: After performing a whale slam, hold (Attack 3) to spin the whale around and toss it.
  • Price: 5000

Molten Hot EruptorEdit

  • Title: Volcanic Spawn
  • Description: Enemies defeated by the Eruption ability become small volcanoes that attack other enemies.
  • Price: 5000

Grand Slam IgnitorEdit

  • Title: Grand Slam
  • Description: Hold (Attack 3) even longer to charge the Grand Slam, which creates an explosion of fire.
  • Price: 5000

Fossilized BashEdit

  • Title: Summoning: Stone Defense
  • Description: Hold (Attack 3) to surround yourself with stone pillars. Tail swipe to send rocks flying!
  • Price: 5000

King Sting ScorpEdit

  • Title: Shoulder Roll Quake
  • Description: While curled in a ball, press (Attack 2) to slam the ground, shaking up nearby enemies.
  • Price: 5000

Olympian Lightning RodEdit

  • Title: Lightning Strikes Twice
  • Description: Press (Attack 1) to shoot two lightning bolts at once. Also unlocks Olympian armor.
  • Price: 5000

Lucky ScratchEdit

  • Title: Lucky Emerald Mask
  • Description: While holding (Attack 2), press (Attack 3) to create an explosion where the laser points.
  • Price: 5000

Sorceress CynderEdit

  • Title: Ghostly Healing
  • Description: Enemies attacked by ghosts and haunted ally have they're health given to Cynder.
  • Price: 5000

Extreme Roller BrawlEdit

  • Title: Haunted Saws
  • Description: Skateblades are covered in a ghostly aura that slow down any enemies that touch them.
  • Price: 5000