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Skylanders: Fusion Squad is a Skylanders fan game by AdamGregory03 (talk).

Story SummaryEdit


Years ago in the world of Skylands, there was a villan known as kaos, whom everyone called either mad or insane. And as it turned out, they were right, as the villan was always pulling some crazy experiment on poor, unsuspecting test subjects. For his newest experiment, he brought a select few Skylanders to test out a new power source he discovered which he calls "Bottanium". When he locked the Skylanders in his vault, he revealed he planned on using the Bottanium to power his fusing machine, which he used on the Skylanders, granting them the ability to fuse together. They managed to use this ability to escape from the villan, accidently activating another machine of his that sent them to Earth. Years later, the same villan has teamed up with dr. rotton botten to recover more of the Bottanium, and help Kaos rule Skylands.

3DS and PsvitaEdit

dream catcher and his minions have been taking over skylands for thousands of years. it's time for the skylanders to join forces with the fusion squad.

Fusion SquadEdit

The Fusion Squad are a team of Skylanders who can fuse with one another to become one. There is a button next to the Fusion Squad Skylander on they're base that when pressed, will enter a DNA cross screen. You must then place another Fusion Squad Skylander on the Portal of Power, and they will fuse. Each Fusion Squad Skylander has they're own ability, so fusing two can give you a combination with two elements and two abilities.

The abilities consist of Fighting, Hacking, Racing, Swimming, Trekking, Smashing, Spell Casting, and Charging.


All characters from previous games are backwards compatible. Alongside the game are released 40 Returning and 16 New Core Skylanders, as well as 16 Fusion Squad Skylanders.

Returning Skylanders and variantsEdit

New Core SkylandersEdit

Fusion Squad SkylandersEdit

LightCore SkylandersEdit



  • xd lol
  • Chapter 2: Sinkhole Sands
  • Chapter 3: The Tomb of Taco-Tudi
  • Chapter 4: Taco-Tudi's Revenge
  • Chapter 5: Gigantic Gardens
  • Chapter 6: Shadow Spook Woods
  • Chapter 7: Time Fuse
  • Chapter 8: Glumshanks Gyrosphere
  • Chapter 9: What Does The Chompy Say?!
  • Chapter 10: Nine Elements Down One To Go
  • Chapter 11: Game Fuse!
  • Chapter 12: Disney Infinity
  • Chapter 13: Amibo Oh No!
  • Chapter 14: ESACAPE
  • Chapter 15: Trollersville
  • Chapter 16: The Plan
  • Chapter 17: The Lab Expeirament
  • Chapter 18: Kaos's Fusion!
  • Chapter 19: Element Rescue
  • Chapter 20: Skylander Doom
  • Chapter 21: Mission Eon


Adventure PacksEdit