Skylanders: Save the Others is a Skylanders game by the same makers of Skylanders Celebrations. Unlike the other games, it takes place on Earth, not even in Skylands, but on Earth! It's a dangerous place for Skylanders!!


You may choose three Skylanders in the beginning, and you are on Earth, but Eon casts a spell on those three Skylanders you chose in the beginning, so they will not be frozen, but they will still be small on Earth! Avoid cars, other humans, dogs, climb on buildings, etc. You are small, so in the big world you need to save the frozen Skylanders and bring them back to Skylands! You can make them stronger, and also give them gadgets and armor!


  • Pez: as weapon.
  • Remote: drive RC vehicles.
  • Chewing Gum: make enemies stick in icky junk.
  • Soda cup: armor
  • Doll Clothing: armor.
  • Tissues: like parachutes.
  • Tires: to roll in.


  • House
  • Garden
  • Town
  • Highway
  • Museum
  • Bismey Land (A Disneyland parody.)
  • Toy R Plus (Toys R Us parody.)
  • The farm
  • The beach
  • Cruise ship
  • Toys store on board (it is on the cruise ship.)
  • Kaos boss fight (he is inside a robot made of trash.)


  • Kats: Will try to hurt you.
  • Hedgehogs: Don't jump on them.
  • Guls: They will take you up to the clouds and drop you down.
  • Dogs: Very aggressive and fast .
  • Cars: You can get hurt really bad by those .
  • Humans: You don't want to meet them!
  • Squirrels: Will take you inside a tree you have to escape from.
  • Hermit crabs: Steals stuff and uses them for their homes. (They will be very aggressive if you get close to their homes.)

That was everything. (as of yet.)