Skylanders: Sidekick Swarm is a game for the 3DS, Wii, Wii U, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The game allows you to play as sidekicks. They are just like here normal size counterparts, but with decreased attack and increased speed. It will not require a new portal.


Note: thiswas made before the Minis in Skylanders: Trap Team were revealed.

Differences from Canon SidekicksEdit

Changes were made to some Sidekicks to prevent confusion from Minis. These sidekicks have unknown origins of where they came from.

  • Baby Spyro has a diaper and fire on his tail, unlike Spry
  • Drobaby has organic wings, unlike Drobit's cyborg wings
  • Jet-Squeac looks more like a real eaglet than Pet-Vac
  • Little Girlwind has larger wings than Breeze
  • Hexlet has skull armor unlike Hijinx
  • Smash has horns like Mega Ram Spyro, unlike Bop
  • Burnor has three-fingered hands, unlike Weeruptor
  • Small Fryno has a blue horn and blue fists, unlike Small Fry

New SkylandersEdit

Reposed SkylandersEdit

These Skylanders have new designs in the game ad on the toy, as seen in Swap Force.