Skylanders Celebrations is a new custom Skylanders game.


All new Skylanders of this custom game are too much to show them all but I can show a few.

  • Frillegator, Water
  • Spike Henche, Life.
  • Hipno Hit, Astro
  • Subway, Water.
  • Urciner, Water
  • Dandriff, Life
  • Fou Quake, Earth
  • Buckle Ripper, Tech
  • Shiney, Light.
  • Armandrillo, Fire
  • Geartron, Tech
  • Skull Driver, Undead
  • Moleaxe, Earth
  • Bats, Undead
  • Fudge, Fire
  • Soulseal, Water
  • Flipsize, Magic
  • Transtimer, Magic
  • Skewwer, Life
  • Flox, Water

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Wow PowsEdit

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