Grand Leader Spyro:  Hold attack one to call out Eruptor Gill Grunt and Trigger Happy, they attack enemies.

Blue Potion Pop Fizz:  If you throw a potion it will become a vortex that you can use to teleport.

Hermit Wham Shell: Gain new armor and a new conch shell staff for increased damage and defense.

Sasquatch Slam Bam: You now have sasquatch skin, and larger fists.

Bad Fungus Shroomboom: Gain new purple poison armor for better fungi.

Goat Healer Zoo Lou: Hold attack one to fire a huge goat at enemies.

Snap Dino Rang: Gain new sharp blinkey boomerangs.

Need Food Slobber Tooth: Bigger teeth and sharper tail for yummy delicious enemies.

That Hurts Pop Thorn: Gain bigger thorns for more damage.

Dizzy Warnado: A huge storm will spread over Skylands, damaging enemies.

LoL Ghost roaster: You're so funny now, enemies will surely laugh themselves dead!

Farm Frenzy Grim Creeper: You now have the ability to call out evil scarecrows that damage enemies.

Charge It Wind Up: Charge up longer for longer attacks.

Yukon Trigger Happy: Gain new guns that shoot nuggets.

French Cheese Flameslinger: Gain burning cheese on top of your arrows for more damage.

Good Dog Hot Dog: Burning doodoo bags stay longer and deal more damage.