• Chompy
  • Cannon Chompy
  • Drow Lance Master
  • Jawbreaker
  • Blaze Brewer
  • The Spellpunks
  • Skull Chompy (Claw Castle Only)
  • Shelled Chompy
  • Shadow knucklehogs
  • Monsterized chompy
  • Mage cyclopse
  • Cyclopse
  • Shelled Cyclopse 
  • Chompbot (Only in chompbot factory).
  • Shadow chompy
  • Freeze knucklehogs
  • Knucklehog. 
  • Fire dark monster
  • Water dark monster


1. Kaos

2. TE Blythe's Magic Minions spyro star stirke pop fizz dune bug wrecking ball double trouble and voodood

3. TE Blythe's Water Minions chill wham shell punk shock zap slam bam gill grunt and rip tide

4. Great Evil Ice Master

5. TE Blythe's Life Minions zoo loo camo bumble blast stealth elf zook stump smash and shroomboom

6. TE Blythe's Tech Minions countdown trigger happy drobot drill sergeant wind-up sprocket and boomer

7. TE Blythe's Undead Minions fright rider grim creeper roller brawl chop chop hex ghost roaster and cynder

8. TE Blythe's Air Minions warnado jet vac lighting rod sonic boom pop thorn whirlwind and scratch

9. TE Blythe's fire Minions hot dog fryno ignitor flameslinger sunburn eruptor and smolderdash

10. Hyena

11. TE Blythe's Earth Minions prism break scorp terrafin bash dino-rang slobber tooth and flashwing

12. Hyena (Reprise)

13.  Lord Frostuis

14. Teary Eyed Blythe (Final Boss)

15. Arkyean conquer( Only in Chompbot factory)