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A small archipelago of islands in Skylands.
Vital statistics
Type Planet
Location Elemental Solar System
Inhabitants Various creatures
Capital None

Skylands is a planet located in the Elemental Solar System. It's a large collection of different kingdoms. Skylands is made up of free-floating islands, that are thought to be held up by magic. Skylands has small cities, and many places to explore.

Skylands is protected by the famed Skylanders. Some islands in Skylands are covered in mountains, or seas.


As far as anyone can tell, Skylands has been around for about 11,000 years. Nothing is known how it was created. The oldest civilizations of Skylands were the Arkeyans, which were very intelligent. They alone knew the connection between magic, and technology. They, however, lived underground. After the Giants had defeated the Arkeyans, the era of modern Skylands had begun.


The culture of Skylands is very simple. Lots of citizens don't wear very expensive clothing, but they don't care. Some citizens can be seen wearing pots on their heads, sometimes during an emergency. The citizens also like to listen to classical music. Violins, and drums are commonly used in music.

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