Sunbringer ★
Chinese Dragon Skylander 2
Title Sunbringer the Dragon
Age 16
Species Eastern dragon (Chinese)
Gender Male
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Appearances Skylanders: Lost Heroes

"Flail the Scales!"
—Sunbringer's official catchphrase.

Sunbringer is one of the new Light Element Skylanders for Skylanders: Lost Heroes.


Sunbringer comes from a clan of Chinese dragon warriors who specialize in manipulating aura from they're scales for attacks. Sunbringer was the youngest dragon to master his abilities. Though his brother was jealous of his popularity. During an important ceremony in Sunbringer's life, his brother sabotaged it and made a fool out of him, leading to Sunbringer running away from the valley. He later ran into Master Eon, who helped Sunbringer to regain his full potential as a Skylander.

Starting StatsEdit

  • Health: 300
  • Speed: 25
  • Armor: 32
  • Critical Hit: 6
  • Elemental Power: 25


The following is a list of Sunbringer's attacks and abilities.

Image Ability Name Price

Description of the Ability

N/A Dragon Aura Free Launch an orb of yellow aura from you're mouth
N/A Shining Scales Free Paralyze enemies by lighting up you're scales.
N/A Awesome Aura 500 Dragon Aura deals increased damage.
N/A Lightning Dash 700 Press 3 to dash forward as a bolt of lightning
N/A Illuminating Dragon 900 Shining Scales will paralyze enemies for longer.
N/A Simple Shockwave 1100 While Shining Scales is active, press 1 to generate a small shockwave.
N/A Aura Avenger 1300 Shoot three Dragon Auras at once.
N/A Feng Sheui Burn 1500 Dragon Aura deals maximum damage.
N/A Aura Bomb 1700 Hold 1 to charge up the powerful Aura Bomb.
N/A Shock and Roll 1300 Lightning Dash travels a longer range and deals increased damage.
N/A Electric Light 1500 While Shining Scales is active, press 3 to launch a lightning bolt.
N/A Kung Pao Armor 1700 Wield you're ancestors armor, making it harder to be hit.
N/A Super Shockwave 4000 The shockwave reaches a longer range and has new capabilities.

Starting Abilities

  • Dragon's Aura (Primary Attack): Launch an orb of yellow aura forward.
  • Lightning Dash (Secondary Attack): Dash forward as a lightning bolt.


  • Concentrated Chi (Requires level 3): Dragon's Aura will home in on enemies.
  • Light Strike (Requires level 6): After a double jump, press 2 to summon a lightning bolt from the sky.
  • Aura Eruption (Requires level 9): Hold 1 to charge up a powerful shockwave.

  • Sky Defense: Arrow of Light (Cover turret's fire with light for more damage)
  • Castle Assault: Stun Bomb (Launch a projectile that explodes, temporarily stunning enemies)
  • Ground Defense: Holy Light (Freeze enemies with a projectile made of light)

Battle CriesEdit

  • "Flail the Scales!" (Sunbringer's official catchphrase)
  • "Rising sun!" (bounce pad)
  • "I'm only getting brighter." (opening stats screen)
  • "Sharp look!" (after putting a hat on him)
  • "Does this make my scales look big?" (after putting a hat on him)
  • "Well, don't mind if I do." (after opening a treasure chest)
  • "You're just not as bright as me!" (after defeated an enemy fight or winning a battle)