"Scared ya"
—Surprise's official catchphrase

Surprise is an alive Jack-in-a-box Magic core Skylander, that attacks enemies by scaring them, and by using ordinary prank-things. His first appearance was in Skylanders: AAA.


Surprise was built in a very old toy factory at the edge of Skylands. The owner was pretty crazy and had no friends, except for his toys that act like that they were his slaves. He made toys with personalities like his own. The workers in the factory were scared for their boss and the toys, specially for the pranks they made on them. But Surprise thought that he could do more than scare and make pranks on the workers, even though he thought it was really, really funny.

But when he said that he wanted to go to other places, his maker make the other toys attack him and make it so he couldn't run away. So all of the toys caught him and threw him to a handmade jail. He was guarded by the three most unfrightened toys in the factory, but with all his power, could he still scare them, and then all the other toys and also the owner. When he came out he had heard about the Skylanders, and when he came to Master Eon, he welcomed him as a Skylander.


Starting Powers:Edit

Snake Canes

Press button 1 to throw a can that shoots out one unalive plastic snake.


Hold button 2 to hide in the box and then come out and scare your enemies. The bigger enemy, the smaller the damage is dealed.

Basic Upgrades:Edit

Electric Handshake

Press button 3 to shake hands with enemies and shock them with electric waves.

More Snakes, Less Brakes

Now three snakes come out the can instead of one.

Hide, Hide and Hide

Hide longer to scare harder.

Shower of Electricity

The electric shock lasts longer and does more damage.

Needs Electric Handshake-power.

Master of Hide and Scare path:Edit

Smile is Good for You

A new smile makes more damege.

A Walking Box

Walk around while you are in the box.


Hold it in so long you can to then make the most unscared be afraid for you!

Needs Smile is good for you-power.

Pranks are the Best path:Edit

Three Cans, Nine Snakes!

You will now trow three cans and that means nine snakes.

Like the Lightning

The electric handshake makes now really much damege


Snakes make more damege.

Soulgem power:

They are Alive!!!

The snakes are now alive and crawling to the nerliest enemie, or mouse.

Needs soulgem from Purple Brick Road and More Snakes, Less brakes-power.

Variants and packsEdit


  • Royale Suprise
  • Co-op pose (with Hex)

Different Packs:Edit

  • Purple brick Road Advnture Pack