The Doom Void
Doom Void
The best picture of The Doom Void ever taken.
Vital statistics
Type Dark Realm
Location 1 lightyear from Skylands
Inhabitants Monsters
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The Doom Void is a massive, dark realm a lightyear from Skylands. The Doom Void is controlled by an evil villain, who is unknown. The villain makes monsters out of The Doom Void's power, by using spells, potions, and DNA from dead monster bodies. In 2010 it was discovered that The Doom Void is starting to open up, sort of ripping apart, as if an extremely evil force is pushing out from the inside.

History Edit

It's unknown how The Doom Void was, or when it was created. Somehow The Doom Void is related to Eternal Dark Element, because the Eternal Dark Element is told to have come from The Doom Void. The Void stayed in space untouched for years. The Doom Void soon started to open up, leading to monsters to break free from it, these monsters started to attack Skylands. These monsters were all different, and they're over all goal was to destroy Skylands. The monsters were hard to defeat, and more villages were destroyed. In 1940 the monsters attacked Artisans City. The Skylanders there fought as hard as they could, and defeated the monsters. The monsters didn't return to the Void, they just went to destroy some other villages. In 1950 the citizens of Skylands had had enough of the monsters. Magicians gathered together, and used their powers to send all the monsters to the Empire of Ice, but more monsters came from the Void. So the magicians used all their powers, and spells to send all monsters who came and will come to the Empire of Ice. The master in The Doom Void couldn't overthrow the spell, but was able to send monsters to Skylands (just not as much as he could).

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Trivia Edit

  • There are rumors that the Doom Void was created as an accident from Amoura's dark magic getting out of control, though no proof has been found yet.
  • The monsters that have come from The Doom Void are either male of female.
  • The Void changes colors every minute. So far it has been reported to be orange, black, blue, purple, pink, lime green, tan, and red.

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