The Underground Desert
Vital statistics
Type Underground desert
Location Willow Woods City (underground); Willow Woods; Glade of Dreams; Skylands
Inhabitants Earth Elemetal creatures
Capital None

The Underground Desert is basically a desert that is located under the Willow Woods City. This place is the origin of the Earth Element, and is home to nearly every Earth Skylander (about a little more than 90/100ths). It is home to the power source and creator of the Earth Element, the Mineral Crystal.

The Underground Desert is usually a dump, since the residents of Willow Woods City usually throw their unwanted items into the hole which leads to the desert, meaning that inside the desert, are piles of junk, though, some residents of the Underground Desert make homes out of the piles of junk.



  • Prisim Break
  • Dino Rang
  • Crusher

Places in the Underground DesertEdit

  • Area of the Mineral Crystal
  • Stone Plaza: (Made up of brick tents, Desert Eats, and Groundly Healing)
  • Sandy Range [Surface]
  • Watcherstones [Surface]
  • Castle of Crusher
  • The Oasis of Mud
  • Mt. Rockadrock [Surface]


  • The first species to inhabit in the Underground Desert was the rock dragon (the dragon breed that Bash is.)