Thundion ★
Title Thundion the Lion
Age 21
Species Lion
Gender Male
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Appearances None (so far)
"Spyin' for the Lion!"
—Thundion's catchphrase

Thundion is a lion Skylander of the Electric Element.


Once, Thundion was just a normal lion roaming Skylands. But, then Kaos came to the peaceful jungle. Thundion fought Kaos, winning the battle, just by luck. Thundion then traveled Skylands, then he became a Skylander to keep evil away from other jungles.


Thundion received a new look after the other Skylanders based on real animals started teasing him. He now has grey fur and sharper teeth and claws. He also has a mane and a tip of his tail made of lightning bolts. His new look grants him new upgrades, such as tossing his mane at enemies.

Attacks and UpgradesEdit

Basic Attacks:

  • Thunder Roar: A roar attack in which he roars and lightning bolts come out.
  • Lightning Slash: Slash your opponents with your claws.
  • Thunderbolt: Unleash a shock of electricity from your mane.

Basic Upgrades:

  • Mane Masher: Throw your mane at nearby enemies.
  • Lightning Striker: Lightning Slash does increased damage.
  • Thunder Tackle: Volt Tackle does increased damage.
  • Thunder Bite: Use Thunder Roar close to an enemy and you will bite it.

High Voltage Cat: Further develop your electric attacks.

  • Mega Mane: Mane travels farther and does increased damage
  • ElectroHop: Jump during a Volt Tackle for increased damage.
  • Double Thunder All the Way: Both your tail and mane use Thunderbolt.

Lethal Lion: Further develop your Lightning Slash.

  • Claws of Steel: Sharper claws deal extra damage.
  • Thunderstorm Tornado: Use Lightning Slash in midair to float with a twirling attack.
  • Voltage Armor: Armor on your legs make Lightning Slash even more lethal.

Soul Gem Upgrade

  • Five's a Charm: Release five lightning bolts at once during Thunder Roar.


  • Thundion and Tails are the only Electric Skylanders who are not dual types.
  • Thundion and Night Slasher are the only Skylanders with three basic attacks instead of two.
  • Thundion is the first Skylander to be a lion, with the second being the canon Fire Skylander Wildfire, the third being the deceased Skylander Blackmoon, and the fourth being Almost Mecha Lion.