"The Curses of Flames!"
— Tiki Curse's official catchphrase

Tiki Curse is a tiki man Core Skylander of the Fire Element, and is cousins with Double Trouble. He attacks enemies with help of tiny javelins, lava from volcanoes, and curses. His first appearance was in Skylanders: AAA.


Tiki Curse has always lived around the volcanoes in the tropical islands in Skylands. He trained the doctrine of fire cursing to be the best fire curser in all of Skylands. And the people who walked on guided tours always became very surprised when they got curses that often weren't so nice to have. 

One other reason were to be a better tiki man than his really famous cousin, Double Trouble. Double Trouble has tried to convince Tiki Curse to be a Skylander, but he said that he wanted to be a Skylander with no help from him. But one day when Double Trouble came to the volcanoes to try to convince him, he was followed by hundreds of chompies. Together did they defeated the chompies and saved the volcanoes and themselves. After that, Tiki Curse couldn't say no to Master Eon's offer.


Starting PowersEdit

  • Small, little Javelins - Throw small tiny javelins that your enemies don't like.
  • The Volcanos Power - Create a big volcano that makes really hot lava.

Basic UpgradesEdit

  • Really Sharp Things - Your javelins have now become ultra sharp.
  • Curses of Fire - Throw tiki amulets on enemies with curses that holds on and make enemies slower and damaged.
  • Stone Hot - If an enemy been defeated by lava, it will turn into really hot stone that hurts enemies.
  • Higher Level Curse Amulets - The curse amulets makes more damage and also makes the enemies slower. (Needs Curses of Fire-power.)

Ultimate Curser pathEdit

  • The Ultimate Amulet -The amulets are now so powerful that they will make double damage.
  • It was a time when the amulets came from lava - When lava comes out from the volcanoes it will throw amulets at enemies, damaging them.
  • Statue of Curses - If an amulet doesn't hit an enemy and just the ground, it will come up a big statue that explodes on impact.

Ultimate Firestarter pathEdit

  • Three for One -Throw three javelins instead of three.
  • Volcanoes and Volcanoes -The volcanoes are going to throw out four small volcanoes that makes a little explosion each.
  • Really Hot Magma -The lava makes ultimate damage.

Soul Gem powerEdit

  • The Mask: A new frightening mask makes more damage and resistance. - Needs Soul Gem from Volcano Crater.

Variants and PacksEdit


  • Co-op pose (with Double Trouble)


  • Single Pack


  • This is the first character that is cousins with another Skylander, in this case Double Trouble (that got a repose for this game.)